How to file a claim

Discover how convenient it is to file an auto or property claim.

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Customer Care

At CAA, we pride ourselves on providing personal care and exceptional customer service. We are committed to continually bringing you comprehensive, flexible, competitively-priced products that ensure you have the best protection for you and your family.

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Request a renewal reminder

Just give us your policy expiration dates and a CAA Insurance Agent will contact you prior to offer a comparative quotation.

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Request a Policy Change

Use this online form to submit your request for a change to your existing CAA Insurance policy.

Make a Payment 
Make a Payment

CAA Insurance is working on making payment of your CAA Insurance premiums easier and more convenient.

Contacting CAA's Insurance Ombudsperson

At CAA, we have a very defined escalation process to ensure that our customers have every possible recourse should underwriting, pricing, sales, claims or service issues arise. Every customer is welcome to request a transfer or return call from a Senior Agent or Supervisor on an arising issue.

At any time, a customer may choose to escalate their call to the Customer Complaints Office. The Customer Complaints Officer is a paid associate of CAA who is charged with viewing every case with an objective eye.

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Code of Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

Many people are committed to safeguarding your rights with insurance. Your rights include the right to be informed fully, to be treated fairly, to timely complaint resolution, and to privacy. With rights, however, come responsibilities.

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How does insurance crime affect me?

At first glance, many people feel that insurance crime has little to do with them, unless they've been the victim of theft or vandalism. The numbers are staggering.

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Helpful Information

CAA Medical Assistance

24/7 Access to medical help for those who purchase a policy with CAA.

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Forgive and Forget®

A good driving record should be rewarded.

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Property Contents — Coverage Calculator

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Don’t pay too much. Find out exactly what you need.

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