CAA School Safety Patrol® Awards

Every year many School Safety Patrollers and Patrol Supervisors do outstanding jobs while keeping their communities safe.

CAA receives numerous nominations, and every year we announce the program's Patroller of the Year and Patrol Supervisor of the Year award winners. These are some of their stories.

2015 Patrollers of the Year.

Annaka and Leatisha - Ottawa

Annaka and Leatisha take safety to heart and are responsible bus patrollers. The students initiated a project called "Sheriffs of the Bus", and as a result, all other School Safety Patrollers recognized the value of the project and joined in. Each week, the "Sheriffs of the Bus" are nominated by Patrollers for going above and beyond their duties. The sheriffs earn a badge and certificate and their pictures are posted on the school website. This initiative has instilled pride in the students and has further encouraged them to behave safely on the school bus.

2014 Patroller of the Year.

Urmish - Mississauga

As a Bus Patroller, Urmish has done an exceptional job keeping her classmates safe. When her school bus was involved in a collision, Urmish helped frightened student passengers stay calm, and helped to take attendance so calls could be made to parents. Urmish also showed her dedication to safety another time when the school bus pick-up was very late. When the bus finally arrived, she heard students who were eager to get home talk about getting off the bus to walk instead. It was getting dark outside, so Urmish spoke up and stopped the students from walking away on their own.

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CAA School Safety Patrol Events.

Movie Days

CAA organizes appreciation movie days at local theatres in numerous communities every year to thank our hard-working Patroller volunteers. At the event, Patrollers from different schools get to meet each other and speak with the police partners and Supervisors of the program. Patrollers get the VIP treatment at the theatre, including special movie viewings, prizes and lots of treats.

Leadership Camp

It's been a longstanding tradition to invite select Patrollers to the annual CAA School Safety Patrol Leadership Camp. At camp, Patrollers learn special skills and train for their new role as Patrol Captains. Local fire services and St. John Ambulance attend the camp and teach the Patrollers how to extinguish small fires and perform basic First Aid. Along with all of the leadership training, we make sure camp is always fun with swimming, an annual carnival, campfires and lots of other group activities.

We've been organizing the camp for over 45 years and if you have attended it in the past, we would love to hear from you!

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