Eco-Driving Tips

Checking tire pressure

You don't need to own a hybrid vehicle to be an eco-driver.

You can significantly reduce your fuel consumption just by making small changes to the way you drive.

Eco-driving tips

Here are tips for reducing your fuel consumption and keeping money in your pocket:

  • Keep tires properly inflated and service your vehicle regularly.
  • Remove excess weight, such as roof racks when not in use, and items from your trunk.
  • Reduce highway speed; use cruise control. Fuel consumption starts to increase above 90km/hr.
  • Avoid jack rabbit starts and hard braking.
  • Combine your trips to save fuel and time; consider car pooling.
  • Use air conditioning and seat heaters sparingly
  • Plan and combine your trips and save time as well as fuel
  • Close your windows and sun roof during highway driving
  • Use cruise control on highways and save fuel by keeping the vehicle's speed constant
  • Use your most fuel-efficient vehicle for commuting
  • Consider taking public transit, car pooling, walking or riding your bike to work just one day a week and save money while reducing your fuel consumption
  • Consider car sharing for a fee, members of a car sharing organization get access to a vehicle without having to directly own it
  • Buy a fuel-efficient vehicle
  • Read your owner's manual and follow the directions to keep your vehicle running at its optimal level