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The Board and the Management Team of CAA Club Group (CCG) are committed to a high standard of corporate governance. The mandate of the Board of Directors is the governance of the organization on behalf of its Members to ensure continued financial viability, a commitment to CCG's constitution and the fulfillment of CCG's Mission/Vision. Through its committees, and as a whole, the Board acts as a cohesive team with shared responsibilities that are clearly defined and understood by all Directors. The Board also periodically assesses its own effectiveness, the performance of board committees and the contribution of individual Directors.

Each of CCG's elected Directors makes a significant commitment that involves regular meetings each year, service on at least one committee and participation in an annual strategic retreat. In addition, some Directors serve on CAA National committees and task forces and also on the CAA Board. Together with CCG's talented Management Team, the Board of Directors continue to be dedicated to the interests of its Members and to maintain a high level of achievement in the discharge of their responsibilities.

Report to Members 2018

For this Annual Report, we have highlighted some of the initiatives CCG has worked on in 2018.

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CAA Club Group's Board of Directors

Find out more about our individual Board Members at CAA Club Group.

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Consolidated Financial Statements

The Consolidated Financial Statements of CAA Club Group are available to Members.

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We'd love to hear from you

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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Find out how our programs and initiatives support social responsibility.